Hey I Like your Afro

January 7, 2010, 6:45 am
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Mhark: “Who am I?”

Me: confused….

Mhark: “Coco Rocha!”

Still confused? Go here.



Movies of 2009 in 7 electrifying minutes
December 23, 2009, 11:24 pm
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If you enjoy movies at all, do yourself a favor and watch this. The genius Youtube user Kessvdijkhuizen, compiled 342 movies into one glorious short with a perfectly accompanied soundtrack. Bravo.

Maybe we could save newspapers if we made it easier to read in public
November 9, 2009, 7:33 am
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It’s no secret that newspaper revenues have been in decline. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that even the most stable newspapers have been forced to downsize their staff or in some cases, have been forced to close their doors forever. Essentially the issue comes down to the inability to financially compete with online content since newspapers have now become completely available online. After all, who would pay for something you can get for free online?

Those involved within the news media have been in a mad scramble to creatively muster up a new business strategy that would somehow keep the printed newspaper alive. But with so many ideas floating around, I haven’t heard of someone who has actually considered adjusting the physical layout of the basic printed newspaper itself to make it more comfortable to hold and read in public. Maybe it won’t solve the new media crisis and maybe it won’t end up saving the printed newspaper, but at least someone is thinking outside the box. Because let’s face it the guy’s got a point, folding out the paper out horizontally is extremely inconvenient and awkward when you’re sitting an inch away from the stranger next to you.

Afro of the week: “Baby Boogalo”
October 21, 2009, 6:24 am
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This is so far the best afro I’ve seen all week courtesy of four year old aspiring dancer, Miles Brown. He’s already passed the Ellen Degeneres litmus Youtube test (Brown danced for her today on the show) so you know this kid is going places. I just can’t get over his white gloves, it kills me.