Hey I Like your Afro

June 8, 2009, 8:11 am
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Random Photo by Mitzi FigueroaI’ve decided to switch up the blogger template and make the move from Blogger to WordPress. It’s been a decision that I’ve been analyzing for months and I’ve finally made my mind to take the plunge. I know it’s incredibly annoying when people change the address to their blog but I hope you all appreciate the new and improved look. I’ve gotten tired of the Blogger template and I really love all the extra blog widgets you are offered with wordpress. Overall, wordpress offers users the chance to actually adjust the template code, a feature that is lacking with the Blogger format.

And…ok let’s face it. I have been pretty inconsistent lately with updating the site and I think that a makeover will help! So welcome to the new and improved Hey I Like Your Afro site! Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Sorry for the inconvenience.