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Happy Birthday Anna

Karl and Anna Yesterday was Editor-of-the-year Anna Wintour’s 60th Birthday! The high-profile editrix has a lot to celebrate this year including a box office smash, groundbreaking memorable issues including a cover with the first lady, and this just in, she just recently became a presidential appointee. Wintour is one of many artisans including Sarah Jessica Parker and Ed Norton to sit on the Committee of Arts and Humanities and will focus on “arts and humanities education, cultural diplomacy, economic revitalization through the arts and humanities and special events dedicated to recognizing excellence in these areas (via).”

Although she hasn’t quite knocked off the Devil in Prada tag, Wintour has seemingly redeemed herself to the public thanks to many insider exposés including the 60 Minute special and the unforgettable documentary by RJ Cutler. It seems that the public has generally forgiven her seemingly bitchy  antics now that they know that the behavior in question comes hand in hand with a decisive and assertive vision for excellence. Thanks to the September Issue.

Events of this year has almost made Wintour a household name and you can bet that the Vogue team has a lot more in store for Wintour fans, haters and fashionistas alike.

In other Wintour news, looks like Anna’s daughter Bee has turned down the opportunity to take over the fashion dynasty laid at her lap, to be an assistant to Ricky Van Veen, editor in chief of College Humor. In the words of Stanley Tucci, “this place [Vogue], where so many people would die to work [Bee] only deigns to work.”


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Bee is going to be the assistant to the editor of College Humor?!

For real?!

I wonder what her mother thinks.

Comment by Marcus

You nailed it. That last statement was perfection. Bee needs to seriously reevaluate the opportunity she has sitting right in from of her. I remember our reaction when we saw The September Issue, and Bee said she wanted to pursue law?! Outrage.

Comment by Daniel

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