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Kind of Genius; Happy Halloween and junk
November 3, 2009, 8:56 am
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There’s something about Halloween I just don’t get and I’ve never been able to get into. Although I do appreciate the creativity and dedication that goes towards some costumes, I just get too bogged down by those who lazily slip on negligees and bunny ears and call it a night. Also, sadly I just can’t afford the energy or money it takes to making the most out of that one night.

But this post goes beyond my disdain for the holiday; what I want to talk about is the clever cover art made by Chris Ware for the New Yorker. The seasonally themed cover cleverly brings the age-old trick-or-treat tradition to modern-day times. As the children make their way to the front door, parents stand back in the night with only the dim from their iPhones and blackberries to light the night. Classic.


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Wow. This is kind of genius.

And, I too, am not a huge fan of Halloween. I just don’t get it. This year, I stayed in and watched Night of the Living Dead on AMC and ordered some pizza. Happy Halloween, indeed.

Comment by Marcus

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