Hey I Like your Afro

Hey Jr! I dig your afro
November 29, 2009, 3:47 am
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Because this is just great.


Precious; A cast specualizing in Tranformations
November 25, 2009, 6:38 am
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I finally got to see Precious, the film everyone has been talking about by director Lee Daniels, about an illiterate, plus-size and pregnant girl from Harlem who finds her way out of an abusive home through the power of learning. Long before it’s opening last Friday, the film has been gathering a lot of buzz especially towards its star performers including newcomer Gabourey Sidibe, Mo’Nique, and yes even Mariah Carey.

After having seen the film, I can say that all the acclaim the film has received so far is warranted. All the actors, especially comedy darling Mo’Nique who plays opposite Sidibe as her relentlessly abusive mother Mary Jones, make this a a moving film that resonated in my consciousness for days afterwards. Watching Mo’Nique in her role gave me chills and many are calling her performance Oscar worthy.

Another impressive force is non other than pop diva slash actress, Mariah Carey. It’s hard to believe Carey’s second film since her easily forgettable debut in Glitter, is generating acting buzz but it’s true. In fact, the Palm Springs International Film Festival is awarding Carey with the Break Through Performance Award, an award whose past honorees include Oscar recipients Jennifer Hudson, Marion Cotillard and Freida Pinto.And she can’t seem to stop buzzing herself. At the film’s press conference for the Toronto International Film Festival, Carey wouldn’t stop talking about how difficult it was to see herself as an “ugly” character.

“They totally changed me. I didn’t want to look in the mirror. It was beyond dressing down because Lee Daniels loved to torture me. He really wanted me to not just look plain, he wanted me to look homely. That was his goal. He wanted a mustache and an under-the-eye thing and the bad hair.” Via: Us Weekly

To see Carey without makeup is yes, shocking but in no way does that make her eligible for an Academy Award. To see Carey flex real emotion (and shocker of all shockers, real tears) was, I’ll admit, moving. And ok, she may have carried the pivotal emotional crescendo of the film in the final scene when the protagonist (played by Sidibe) sits down with her mother for the first time since she fist-fought her way out of an abusive home and I applaud her efforts. But with all the complaining she’s been doing about looking the part of dowdy inner-city social worker Ms. Weiss, it makes me want to ditch her efforts out the window altogether.

Finally, no one can stop talking about the film’s darling, twenty-six year-old psychology major turned (*ahem Award wining) actress, Gabby Sidibe. The actress is making waves for not only her stirring performance but she’s also causing a stir among Hollywood industry insiders as an incoming talent with an un-hollywood body. As if she hasn’t already impressed you, Sidibe’s real life valley-girl-esque personality is almost polar opposite to the character she plays in Precious. Finally, Hollywood, a land that was once reserved for the beautiful, tanned and skinny, is making room for talents like Sidibe.

“I just hope that people can get past what I look like, and what other — you know, what other people look like. And see the heart and the soul of the person.” Via: CBS

Maybe we could save newspapers if we made it easier to read in public
November 9, 2009, 7:33 am
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It’s no secret that newspaper revenues have been in decline. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that even the most stable newspapers have been forced to downsize their staff or in some cases, have been forced to close their doors forever. Essentially the issue comes down to the inability to financially compete with online content since newspapers have now become completely available online. After all, who would pay for something you can get for free online?

Those involved within the news media have been in a mad scramble to creatively muster up a new business strategy that would somehow keep the printed newspaper alive. But with so many ideas floating around, I haven’t heard of someone who has actually considered adjusting the physical layout of the basic printed newspaper itself to make it more comfortable to hold and read in public. Maybe it won’t solve the new media crisis and maybe it won’t end up saving the printed newspaper, but at least someone is thinking outside the box. Because let’s face it the guy’s got a point, folding out the paper out horizontally is extremely inconvenient and awkward when you’re sitting an inch away from the stranger next to you.

Happy Birthday Anna

Karl and Anna Yesterday was Editor-of-the-year Anna Wintour’s 60th Birthday! The high-profile editrix has a lot to celebrate this year including a box office smash, groundbreaking memorable issues including a cover with the first lady, and this just in, she just recently became a presidential appointee. Wintour is one of many artisans including Sarah Jessica Parker and Ed Norton to sit on the Committee of Arts and Humanities and will focus on “arts and humanities education, cultural diplomacy, economic revitalization through the arts and humanities and special events dedicated to recognizing excellence in these areas (via).”

Although she hasn’t quite knocked off the Devil in Prada tag, Wintour has seemingly redeemed herself to the public thanks to many insider exposés including the 60 Minute special and the unforgettable documentary by RJ Cutler. It seems that the public has generally forgiven her seemingly bitchy  antics now that they know that the behavior in question comes hand in hand with a decisive and assertive vision for excellence. Thanks to the September Issue.

Events of this year has almost made Wintour a household name and you can bet that the Vogue team has a lot more in store for Wintour fans, haters and fashionistas alike.

In other Wintour news, looks like Anna’s daughter Bee has turned down the opportunity to take over the fashion dynasty laid at her lap, to be an assistant to Ricky Van Veen, editor in chief of College Humor. In the words of Stanley Tucci, “this place [Vogue], where so many people would die to work [Bee] only deigns to work.”

M.I.A. makes it to the Jimmy Choo collection debut, despite shark attack
November 3, 2009, 11:55 pm
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M.I.A. stepped out in public last night in an interesting Jean-Charles de Castelbajac top for last night’s Jimmy Choo debut for H&M in Hollywood. She was also wearing the Jimmy Choo for H&M over the knee leather boots, costing $299 USD. The rest of us non-celebrity will have to wait in line on November 14th when the collection officially hits stores but you can preview the entire collection online here. Happy lusting.

Kind of Genius; Happy Halloween and junk
November 3, 2009, 8:56 am
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There’s something about Halloween I just don’t get and I’ve never been able to get into. Although I do appreciate the creativity and dedication that goes towards some costumes, I just get too bogged down by those who lazily slip on negligees and bunny ears and call it a night. Also, sadly I just can’t afford the energy or money it takes to making the most out of that one night.

But this post goes beyond my disdain for the holiday; what I want to talk about is the clever cover art made by Chris Ware for the New Yorker. The seasonally themed cover cleverly brings the age-old trick-or-treat tradition to modern-day times. As the children make their way to the front door, parents stand back in the night with only the dim from their iPhones and blackberries to light the night. Classic.