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Afro of the week: “Baby Boogalo”
October 21, 2009, 6:24 am
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This is so far the best afro I’ve seen all week courtesy of four year old aspiring dancer, Miles Brown. He’s already passed the Ellen Degeneres litmus Youtube test (Brown danced for her today on the show) so you know this kid is going places. I just can’t get over his white gloves, it kills me.


In the name of “Good Hair”
October 14, 2009, 6:30 am
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I get the whole “the grass is always greener,” thing. Trust me, I’ve been there. And this unfortunate attribute of society has never rang truer than when you’re talking about hair. If it’s long, you want it straight. If it’s thin, you want it thick. If it’s straight you want it curly and so forth. And despite my most earnest pleas, the fact still remains that those blessed with curly afro locks are spending hundreds of dollars to chemically relax their hair or replace it with hair extensions.

The hair relaxing industry brings in billions of dollars a year, even in a failing economy. Comedian Chris Rock took it upon himself to explore the hair altering business and travels all over the United States (and even all the way to India) to better understand why women put themselves through so much torture, all in the name of “good hair.”

Although some critics have already raised issues with the film, such as the fact that the film does not portray the thousands of African American women who wear their hair the way it is (without relaxers or weaves), Rock insists that the film is not strictly a documentary, although it is informative.

“I want (viewers) to remember that they laughed,” said Rock. “I’m a comedian. I make comedies. If they learn something (from this film), that’s great, but I’m here to make people laugh.” (via Huff Post)

Whatever the reason behind the film, I’m looking forward to some concrete reasons as to why women are so adamant about taming their afros.

Hey Marc, I LOVE your afros; Afros dominate runway in Paris
October 8, 2009, 5:44 am
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Photo by Monica FeudiTo a delighted and albeit surprised (not to mention tardy) audience, Marc Jacobs debuted his ready-to-wear Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 collection in Paris this afternoon. According to WWD’s twitter page, Vogue editor Grace Coddington wooped in delight at the sight of the first afro making its way down the runway. But “wooping” doesn’t compare to the outright fits of excitement I made when the first images made their way online.

Inspired by “travelers – the movement that came after Punk,” Jacobs marched down a legend of models in glorious afro wigs along with an unexpected array of bold accessories including neon fur tails, denim satchels, adorned kitten heals and even a chic fanny pack or two.

The collection embraced a street-chic lifestyle with rich satchel bags and the lowest heels seen at any show at Paris Fashion Week so far. Jacobs identified the collection as, “Street clothes, embracing the hippie-cyber, tribal-punk world,” and I just call it the best creative display of talent embracing the Afro movement I have seen thus far; a breath of fresh air for those of us seeking to embrace a comfortable wardrobe while maintaining a fresh sense of adventure-seeking bravado. Bravo.

Click here to see the complete collection (Style.com)