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Further proof September will be the best month ever
June 29, 2009, 12:00 am
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Not only will this fall be a season filled with some of the best people’s birthdays, but August 28th will also be the premier date of the most highly anticipated fashion documentary of the year.¬†The September Issue follows iconic American Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour, et team, as they layout the Fall Fashion award envelope, the September issue, of the fashion magazine. The film, directed and produced by R.J. Cutler, has been gathering all kinds of positive reviews not to mention industry buzz, and was also awarded the Grand Jury Prize for Excellence in Cinematography at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The film is said to offer audiences with a revealing look into the quirks and life of legendary editor Wintour and I can not wait to see how everything plays out on the big screen.


I want you back MJ; Vigil hosted in downtown Vancouver
June 27, 2009, 8:27 am
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MJ memorial downtown Vancouver, Photo by Mitzi Figueroa

MJ memorial downtown Vancouver, Photo by Mitzi Figueroa

I was listening to P.Y.T. on my ipod just as I was making my way past the Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver on my way home from work. There were a few candles burning for the King of Pop and people began filing onto the steps of the building as familiar tunes from Thriller album blared over loud speakers. It was small but it was beautiful.

MJ vigil. Photo by Mitzi Figueroa

MJ vigil. Photo by Mitzi Figueroa

MJ Vigil. Photo by Mitzi Figueroa

MJ Vigil. Photo by Mitzi Figueroa

King of Pop dies today, lives forever through music
June 26, 2009, 8:22 am
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The King of Pop in his signature pose

The King of Pop in his signature pose

The world was shocked today as the news of Michael Jackson’s death made its way around the globe. The self-proclaimed King of Pop suffered from cardiac arrest this afternoon and passed away at the age of 50, as the number one selling musical artist in history and just a few short weeks before his highly anticipated sold-out concert scheduled in London this July.¬†Today will be remembered in history as the day the world lost an icon.

Michael-Jackson-michael-jackson-41268_1024_768It’s hard to properly summarize the contribution he’s made to popular culture and the music industry at large. To say he was a music video pioneer or an incomparable performer or even the best dancer the stage has ever seen, would hardly give his creative vision any justice. With superstar cameos in his music videos including Eddie Murphy, supermodel Iman, Macaulay Culkin, and Chris Tucker, Jackson extended¬†a full 180 degree vision to his music that morphed his videos into mini-movies complete with pyro technics, full out costumes and complete movie sets. Not to mention blockbuster directors like Martin Scorsese¬†who worked with Jackson on the¬†video to his 1987 hit, “Bad.”

Jackson became the complete artist, an entertainer who defines the term “Pop Star” to this day. Thousands of aspiring performers including some of today’s biggest pop superstars such as Beyonce, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Usher (to name a few) have taken point from Jackson’s lead and his historical performances. As an entertainer, Jackson had the impossible ability to captivate millions around the world with a signature single spotlight, one sequined glove and his characteristic impeccable dance moves; pelvis thrust and moon walk included.

But maybe the best testament to the influence he made on music would be through the words of the countless musical prot√©g√©es he has indirectly developed through his music, style and performances. Jackson, an icon who will forever be immortalized ¬†in the entertainment business by some of the industry’s best and most talented artists and someone who will live on through the music of today and tomorrow, as the reigning musical genius that inspired generations to rock, jive and moon walk.

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June 25, 2009, 6:48 am
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Stumbling into a silent outrage
June 18, 2009, 8:35 am
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Protesters outside the Vancouver Art Gallery in response to the Iranian election

Protesters outside the Vancouver Art Gallery in response to the Iranian elections

I was walking home from work tonight when I literally walked into nearly 500 people were gathered in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, holding candles, dressed in black and waving peace signs over their heads. I had unknowingly stumbled into a silent protest organized by University of British Columbia students, in response to the Iranian election results and the violent uprising that has killed at least seven people and injured hundreds more since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was named president.

The crowd, made up of mostly Iranian members of the community, was part two of a seven-day-long protest planned to take place every night from 9:30 to 10:30 leading up to the final event scheduled to take place on Sunday. Organizers of the event planed the gathering to coordinate with a global silent protest similar to events scheduled in various cities including Toronto, New York City, and San Francisco.

After my initial surprise, I took some time to talk to some of the participants. Tarjee is a Canadian citizen who grew up in Tehran but moved to Vancouver nearly 8 years ago. She completed her undergraduate degree in Tehran and was heartbroken to watch the violent attacks on the University students living at the same university she attended.

Nearly 500 people gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery in response to the Iranian election

“It’s been so hard for me every day. Every day I go to my lab and work like nothing happened. Some of my co-workers don’t pay attention to the news and we don’t talk about it. Every day I want to scream and fight but I don’t. I walked those streets, I went to that University, I’ve seen those rooms.”

The first thing she asked me when we began talking, was if I had seen the Youtube videos. She was referring to the hundreds of the video clips that have been uploaded to the free streaming site since the violence in Iran broke out seven days ago. Since all foreign press have been blocked from making any kind of reports on the current situation, citizens have taken it upon themselves to provide the rest of the world with an accurate account of what is happening. Despite the Iranian government’s attempt to silence the news, thousands of first hand accounts have made their way around to media outlets thanks to¬†twitter updates, yotube videos and blog posts.

I asked Tarjee if she was attending the event tonight in protest of the outcome of the elections. Like so many thousands of Iranians, Tarjee is outraged and shocked at the election results and is convinced that election fraud was the culprit that led to a 66% majority vote to re-elect Ahmadinejad.

“I don’t see how Ahmadinejad could have won. But I am here tonight to show my support of the students. Right now they feel like they are freaks all alone fighting for Iran. But they are not. We are here with them.”

Organizers are expecting more supporters to come out on the final night of the week-long protest, scheduled to take place on Sunday.

Protesters outside the Vancouver Art Gallery in response to the Iranian election

Protesters outside the Vancouver Art Gallery in response to the Iranian election

The view outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. All photos by Mitzi Figueroa

The view outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. All photos by Mitzi Figueroa

Stay tuned for more updates on protests taking place in Vancouver throughout the week.

Brunettes just do it better
June 16, 2009, 4:20 am
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Photos via Just Jared

Photos via Just Jared

Lauren Conrad was spotted sporting a shoulder length brunette wig the other day for a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Maybe I’m a little biased, but I think the dark hair makes the reality star actually look like she has a leg in the fashion business, as opposed to her real position as a “struggling designer” banking off her commercial success. Bravo styling team. (via)

An open letter to new bloggers, don’t take it personally
June 16, 2009, 2:26 am
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Dear new blogger,

First of all, welcome to the blogosphere! It’s great to add a bunch of fresh new opinions, ideas and tightly cropped “about me” photos to the blogging community.

For some of you, blogging has been something you’ve been debating about doing for months. For others, blogging evolved to be a project of sorts, something to do to pass the long hot summer hours. Either way, whatever the reason you’ve decided to dedicate yourself to a Blogger or WordPress account, I would like to propose to you fresh-faced bloggers a user-friendly application called a blogroll.

What is a blogroll you ask? Well simply put, it’s an optional application (or “widget”) that sits on the side of your blog in a list format, and links to other blogs that you read/like.¬† As a blogger, you even have the option to include more than one blogroll in your blog. Mind-boggling, I know. Every blogging platform (including Blogger, WordPress and Typepad) allows users to include a blogroll on their blogs, and makes it pretty fool-proof. Need some help? Check out these resources: Blogger help, WordPress help.

Why is it important to have a blogroll? Well the blogosphere (read: the blogging community) has been sharing information for years already and has users around the world taking part in some very interesting conversations. The beauty about blogs is that there is little instruction as to what you can include in your blog. Essentially, the main criteria to blogging, is to write about anything and everything that you’re interested in. That being said, although I’m sure your thoughts and opinions are entertaining enough to captivate a reader’s attention for hours at a time, what happens when they’re done with viewing your page? Without offering readers something else to click on, or another way to dialog, you’re essentially ending the conversation. You’re not allowing the reader to engage in another opinion or even a similar opinion. The reader has no trail to follow, they end up in dead space.

Advantages of a blogroll:

Blogroll as a personality indicator: We’ve all spent more time than we’d like to admit making our blogs look just right. We’ve adjusted the photos, played with the colors, scrutinized every blog template to find just the right one and have hopefully come up with the perfect formula that says exactly who we are, this is My blog. A blogroll can be an extra element to do just that. Blogrolls can reveal to readers what they’re going to be in for as they read your blog. What kind of blog is this? Is your blogroll a list of fashion sites, photography sites or political? Whatever you’re reading, tells the reader, that’s what you’ll be talking about. Use that to your advantage.

Blogroll as a traffic booster: One of the best things you can do to boost the traffic to your blog is to get linked to as many places as you can. Every blog you include in your blogroll has that much more of a chance of getting viewed by readers. And if you include a blog on your blogroll, it is polite bloging conduct to reciprocate the gesture. That’s how you create a blogging community; a blogosphere.

Finally, let’s keep this conversation going. Comment on blog posts you like, discover new blogs, and read the blogs you link to. Why? Because it’s nice.

Looking forward to getting to know you new blogger,