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March 19, 2009, 2:23 am
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“People love fashion. They know everything about fashion and they want to know who is behind fashion. It was not like this ten years ago and 20 years ago it did not exist.” – Carine Roitfeld, Editor in Chief of Paris Vogue.

If film is in any way a reflection to popular interest, it seems the Roitfeld was 100 percent on point when she pointed out the elevated rise of fashion awareness. With three documentary films soon to be released on some of the top names in the industry, Valentino: the last Emperor, September Issue and Coco Avant Chanel, the once anonymous faces of the fashion elite are quickly being pushed into the spot light.

Now CNNis following suite with a mini-documentary giving audiences a rare glipse into Roitfeld’s life during the busiest time of the year, fashion week.

The documentary takes viewers along as Roitfeld travels between Paris and New York during Fall fashion weeks. The interviewer even asks Roitfeld to answer the burning question that has been circulating the internet for who knows how long; if she ever plans on packing up for New York City to take over the American thrown once Wintour retires. But it doesn’t look like Roitfeld is willing to let go of the French fashion capital anytime soon.

I find it interesting that CNN chose to focus on Roitfeld and not her American counter part editor, the infamous Anna Wintour. Especially considering the documentary, September Issue, which is based on Wintour and the Vogue team prepping for the (yep you guessed it) September issue of the magazine has already been shown in select screenings around the country, not to mention Sundance.

The mini-film also features great cameos from fashion legends like Karl Lagerfeld, Patrick Demarchelier, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and both her children. Oh and don’t worry, we’ll talk about the accentuated shoulders later.


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How fucking awesome would it be if she took over for American Vogue? Yes, please.

Also, I’d love to be a part of that family. How beautiful are they?

Comment by mlp

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