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Coco Avant Chanel trailer released
March 10, 2009, 4:01 am
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Although the trailer is entirely in French, I’m incredibly excited none the less.

Coco Avant Chanel, a film based on the early life of the mastermind designer Coco Chanel who first pioneered the Chanel line, will premier in France on April 22. French actress, Audrey Tautou, will play Coco and the current designer of the Chanel fashion house, Karl Lagerfeld, re-created the film’s wardrobe.

The film’s title translates to “Coco before Chanel,” and showcases the designer’s life from lowly orphan to celebrated artist and is loosely based on the book L’irreguliere by Edmonde Charles-Roux.

The film already looks like a step way above the Lifetime two-part movie, Coco Chanel that stared Shirley MacLaine as an older version of Coco.

Despite my killer web-searching skills, I can’t seem to find any details when or if the film will be debuting in the United States. I will definitely be staying tuned to find the details as soon as they’re known.


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I remember in DC when nearly every night we would be like, “Okay. Tonight we’re gonna watch Coco.”

I don’t think I’ve seen it still.

Comment by mlp

OMG Im SOOOOOOO excited for this movie, I saw the trailer yesterday too and even though I only understood like 5 words it still looked amazing !!!

Comment by alex_bain

AAHHH! I can’t believe I didn’t hear about it till now! Remember when we watched the Shirley McLaine movie on your roommates’ floor and the movie was kinda lame but we still cried anyway??!?

Comment by Rose

audrey tautou? i’m in.

Comment by ian

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