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Academy awards might settle for MIA hologram appearance but I wont
February 17, 2009, 10:43 pm
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Ok so there’s a lot to catch up on NY Fashion week which is taking place right now. And I will get on it, I promise. I know I’ve been a little MIA recently but it’s for good reason; classes have finally picked up. eckkhh.

Speaking of M.I.A., the ridiculously pregnant Grammy performer finally gave birth to a boy less than a week ago. Everyone is dying to find out what the eccentric superstar named the boy but as of right now, no one knows. A picture of the newborn was released courtesy of fellow collaborator Afrikan Boy courtesy of his Myspace.

Although she just gave birth, apparently the Academy Awards is already pounding on her door. M.I.A. is scheduled to perform the nominated song “O Sayo” from Slumdog Millionaire but considering her delivery, she might re-consider her appearance. The award show producers are so desperate to have her on that they’ve even offered her a bed to perform on. A last minute compromise could have her performing via hologram, similar to Will.I.Am’s appearance on CNN on election night.

According to “O Sayo” collaborator, AR Rahman, M.I.A. is still eager to appear at the show.

“She wants to. In fact, she said she’ll do it with a hologram. She has all these ideas,” said Rahman. He added: “I don’t know how it’s going to be possible, though. Having a baby is such an important thing in your life – more important than winning an Oscar.”- (Guardian)


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She sounds crazy, I agree that she should prioritize the baby.

Comment by insomniaclolita

That will.i.am hologram was so ridiculous. Like, seriously Wolf?

(She should perform. The baby will be there for a long time. Chance to perform on the Oscars? Not so much.)

Comment by mlp

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