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"The City" vs. "The District"
February 3, 2009, 6:43 pm
Filed under: Obama

The wonderful and surprisingly funny people at Newsweek took a cue from MTV and made their own reality knock off of the popular Hills spin off, “The City.

The Newsweek series follows none other than Mr. President himself as he adjusts to his new life in “The District.” Everything is the same including the theme song and background commentary by a voice actor who is supposed to be Obama.

It’s really hilarious! I wonder what kind of fan base “The City” has in the Newsweek office to have gotten all of the show’s key transitions down. Trust me, you would be missing out by not clicking here.


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Well, I love the City.

And I love this.

Comment by mlp

LOL The City..I’m not really into The Hills, wanna see how this is..

Comment by insomniaclolita

This is funny stuff! That actually sounds like Obama narrating too.

Love the blog Mitzi!


Comment by hollis333

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