Hey I Like your Afro

Hey I like your red feathered space suit
January 29, 2009, 8:24 pm
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Ok Ian and Douglas, I admit space is getting really hot this year and I will give the concept some credit. Yeah maybe it would be cool to fly amidst the stars blahblahblah. Still, I think it would help the cause if spacemen dressed as cool as Brandon Flowers does in his new video. I know you all think The Killers jumped the shark but check out their cool suits! There would definitely be a peak of interest in space voyages if astronauts started dressing in cool slim cut red space suits with feathered shoulders. Until then, no dice.



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I just have to say that space is a little bit more than a ‘concept’…

Comment by Douglas Welcome

Hahaha. Douglas is right.

But those space suits do kick ass.

(And lest I remind you, D&G did space suits a few years ago. And it was worn by none other than Shia Labeouf on the cover of your beloved Vanity Fair.)

Comment by mlp

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