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January 21, 2009, 3:49 am
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As the First couple danced to Etta James’ immortal words, the song not only fit the occasion, but voiced the sentiments of all those who waited in hopeful anticipated to see what Mrs. O would wear on Inauguration Day. And boy was it worth the wait.

Outfit #1: Isabel Toledo

(Photo courtesy of the Associated Press)

The lemon tweed suit by Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo sent blogs in a frenzy as soon as she stepped out of the holding house into the limo on Inauguration morning. Not that she needed help standing apart from the crowd, Michelle literally glowed in the sea of black and gray pea coats.

As expected, Mrs. Obama’s choice to wear an American designer pushed the American Fashion industry in a flurry of long-awaited optimism that was highly appreciated, considering the financial difficulties the most high-end designers have felt this season; not to mention fashion week.

Reportedly, Miss Toledo didn’t even know that Michelle was planning on wearing the outfit that will surely go down in history. She told the New York Times,

“We’re all up here watching the T.V.,” said the designer in a telephone interview from her New York studio. “It’s great. We’re so happy.”

What a nice surprise! She also wore Jimmy Choo’s and the girls wore outfits by Crew Cuts, by J. Crew, an American fashion house she has gone to before.

Outfit #2: Jason Wu

(Photo by Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

At the Youth Ball, the first couple shared an intimate first dance where the President showed off his “old school” moves to a crowd of 18-35 year olds. But Mr. Obama’s charm wasn’t the only thing that made the girls swoon. Jason Wu’s, a young 26 year old designer who’s only been in the fashion industry for 3 years, ivory one-shoulder gown was exactly what fashionistas across the country were hoping for.

Wu discovered that the First Lady chose one of his own original designs the same way Isabel Toledo did. Reportedly, he was watching Inauguration coverage when he saw it on T.V.

The New York based Taiwanese-American designer was a Parson’s design school graduate (yes where Project Runway was filmed) and had the honor of being designer of choice in recent Michelle Obama interviews.

It was a great day for American democracy, transition and even fashion thanks to the incoming fashion-literate First Lady. She definitely rose to the occasion on the biggest political night of the year and we’ll be sure to watch with hopeful anticipation to what the next four years will contribute to the fashion industry

“Obama has been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy, the last first lady to so thoroughly embrace style as a form of communication. And much is made of the fact that they both wore sleek, sleeveless dresses and had an affection for pearls. But the real similarities may be in the way in which they used clothes to set a tone for their husbands’ administrations.

As her husband’s administration promises more jobs and help for small-business owners, and emphasizes the idea that creativity is one of this country’s greatest assets, Obama’s choice of an iconoclastic, immigrant female designer with a modest business sends a profound message of intent.” – Fashion editor for the Washington Post, Robin Givhan

MTV’s Be The Change: Live From The InauguralCelebrity News

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Fantastic coverage, Mitzi. I thought she looked beautiful in both outfits and am glad she chose American designers.

Comment by mlp

AAAAAH. She looks so amazing. What a beautiful couple.

And hey — even if his bailout plan goes down the tubes, we can always boast about how ridiculously good looking our president is. That’s considered nationalism, right?

Comment by Rose

ooh that Jason Wu is something, isn’t he? I should get his dress at least one. Thanks for the post, I’m in the opposite side of the continent and im still blown away by the live broadcast.

Comment by insomniaclolita

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