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Live blogging on Inauguration Day via West Palm Beach, Fla.
January 20, 2009, 5:47 pm
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In West Palm Beach Florida in the Student Center of Palm Beach Atlantic University:
10:46 a.m. – Students are finally filing in after about an hour of sitting in an empty room with the College Democrats, all five of them. It might be the free cookies and ice cream.

10:56 a.m.- My friend Hannah came to see me and she gave me an Obama cookie the College Democrats prepared! Photo to follow. People are slowly filtering out of the student center, I think the cafeteria just opened up for lunch.

11:10 a.m. – Chapel has officially started and the crowd has gotten a little bigger just as the ceremony has begun. Could this mean there is actually a political interest at PBA?

11:19 a.m.- Just counted 5 facebook status from my friends in Canada who are watching the Inauguration! A testament to how anxious those neighbors to the North are of the incoming administration.

11:45 a.m. – The student center is almost full now! It’s an exciting thing to watch PBA students file in. I know Chapel has just let out but I’m still optimistic about the attendance. Student are filling up the overflow seating!

11:57 a.m.- Dr. Clark steps into the Student Center to join students watching the Inauguration. Another note, overflow seating just filled up. There is officially only standing and sitting room available in the Student Success center. Classes start at 12:30 but traffic flow shouldn’t vary much until then. I’ll admit, I was pretty pessimistic about the turn out considering my campus is a primarily Republican student body, but I am genuinely surprised and pleased with how many students took the time out to watch this historical event.

Noon- Barack Obama will soon be sworn in as the 44nd President of the United States of America and I am getting a little emotionally overwhelmed. I didn’t expect to get emotional considering I’m not even an American citizen. But as flashes of DC fill the screen, I am overcome with nostalgia for that great city. I don’t necessarily have any allegiance to the American flag nor do I have the privileged of voting for elected office in the United States. It took me months to memorize the words to “Star Spangled Banner” and “the Pledge of Allegiance.” But I am filled with nostalgia to have been a part of the election, to have been in DC during the campaign and now to watch the monuments stand proudly in the midst of crowds of thousands. It is really awe inspiring. I love DC and I love the American people. I love American politics so much that I have gone thousands of dollars in debt just to study it here. Here I am, a Canadian, participating in American politics (and dare I say American journalism) in all ways I can. But I don’t feel isolated, no. There is an emotional connection to DC, to America’s citizens and even the inconing administration and on this day, I am proud.

12:05- Cheers and some tears. Welcome to office Mr. President.

12:30 p.m.- The crowd has filled out. Class has started but almost everyone stayed to watch Obama’s national address. A better turnout than I expected.


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His speech was fantastic.

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