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Waiting on Obama
November 5, 2008, 1:51 am
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It’s loud and busy. People are so excited to see Barack Obama come into office. “Change is gonna come”, “Barack the vote” the T-shirts say it all.

Busboys and Poets, a cool cafe lounge is where I’m watching the elections tonight along with several hundred excited voters. The place couldn’t be more packed and there is a line up to get in that stretches outside and around block. Even though it’s raining, people are willing to stand in line and wait for up to four hours to watch history take place in one of the most historical venues in the city. Busboys is located in historic U Street Corridor, the infamous site that was home of the well known race riots of the 1960’s. In fact, one of the most famous riots took place on the same exact corner where Bus Boys is located at. It’s pretty incredible to be here some forty years later, sitting with such a diverse crowd, all anxious and excited to see Obama get elected into the White House, the first African American President in American history.

In other news, they’re played a remix of Waiting on the World to Change, by John Mayer. They turned up the rap part. It’s awesome.

I’m trying to order an apple and Gorgonzola sandwich but it’s too busy for the servers to notice that we haven’t ordered. I kind of like it that way. Tonight’s too important to care that it took 45 minutes for a table, or that it will take more than an hour for food.

Everyone is introducing themselves to each other. This is what it must feel like when there is political unity, a feeling I haven’t understood since I arrived to the States two years ago. I wish I could talk to everyone in the room and ask them why they believe that Obama will change this Nation. I wish I could ask them what exactly they’re hopeful for in the next President.


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NOTHING mattered last night. No inconvenience, no rudeness, no random drunk guys running into a cab.

Only Obama and his historic victory mattered. That’s it.

Comment by mlp

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