Hey I Like your Afro

It’s that texture
October 27, 2008, 3:00 am
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To be honest, I don’t know why I’ve been so obsessed with afros. To me, I guess they just represent a style. They represent a uniqueness that’s so obvious and unapologetic that I can’t stop but stare in envy. Those who are lucky enough to be born with natural spiral locks have the chance to explode a singularity of texture and depth to a sea of mediocre long layers. But apart from hairstyles, afro’s communicate confidence.

My fascination for afros has recently been solidified after moving to Washington D.C. The Monday to Friday commute to an internship where numbers and stock figures rule conversations has me craving color. And I’ve realized that color isn’t always in the physical variations of a spectrum but is also communicated through textures and depth. Whether it’s the texture of a winding old road or the color you see in a new neighborhood or a crowd of people you’ve never seen before, there’s a distinctive pallet.

In that way, afro’s have a texture that is loud, original and so wonderfully colorful. I find myself envying those afro’s so bad, that it tempts me to go out and force my hair to do that crazy thing too. But I stop myself because maybe it’s not actually the look I want. What I’m attracted to and what I’m craving to emulate is the confidence of a natural feature.

Far too often, we spend so much time criticizing and tweaking our natural features and style preferences to be someone else or to keep up with a trend. If we all could evaluate ourselves honestly and chose to embrace our natural likings by focusing on complimenting what we were given, I believe that we would be happier people. Every single person is given a distinctiveness of perspective and we all have the privilege of complimenting and communicating that perspective through dress and style.

So I would like to broaden the focus of this blog away from just afros in general. I want to stretch it out to include all those who are pushing their own envelope. To creativity, confidence and owning your individual style. NEVER TAME YOUR AFRO.


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Don’t tame your afro. OMG. This might seriously be my new mantra. If only I actually had an afro.

Comment by mlp

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